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If you reached this website the new probably looking for a really great Norwich based SEO company. SEO Norwich has been created to provide small and medium-sized businesses high-quality SEO services, helping businesses like yours to find new customers and to make more money online and in our experience, there are four key services surrounding great search engine optimisation, these are listed below. You can also message us from any page on this Website to arrange a FREE SEO consultation.

 SEO Companies Norwich

We provide cost effective SEO Services across the UK, from Norfolk to Ireland, Stafford and beyond.

Welcome to we are search engine optimisation specialists, but more than that we are UX or user experience designers, part of our SEO program is to improve your website conversion and develop a leading edge website marketing strategy, that will put your business on the map.


Simon Griffith is a Digital professional that has been optimising websites since 2003. During this time he has gown online sales of more than 3 million. On this website, we show you live examples of best practice, results and blog posts to educate our readers on the right ways to add value to your website and become successful online.


Learn how to find a niche industry and how to battle and outperform your competition in competitive industries.

The best SEO strategy is nearly always long term, never look to SEO as a quick fix, it's yield is longer and if done correctly, it will provide you with a solid and stable business with scalable and predictable growth.

SEO Services

Good return on investment starts with a firm understanding of your market, the search terms they use and the language style variations. Search Engine Optimisation Norwich will work closely with you to identify the best long tail keywords for your  product or service, helping your business to gain exceptional visibility with the right audience.

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Website Marketing

If you are at a loss and need some help getting your site generating income, then our team can help you with your website marketing and website marketing strategy, this can entail content suggestions, technical SEO and website platform evaluation.

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Social Media Management

Social media management is important to SEO as it provides Google with social indicators,  with links and online activity in clearly identified by the search engines. Social media also helps in authority, self-promotion and community.

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Professional Blog Writing

Blog writing can really help gain your business online authority. Our team are able to create quality content optimised to help your website propagate the World Wide Web. Content is king, select our team of professional SEO blog writers create some interesting and exciting material for your website.

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PPC Management

One key product for your online strategy should be pay per click advertising or PPC management. Google AdWords is an exciting way to quickly identify traffic and prospects, driving straight to your website to purchase or enquire. Let us provide PPC management.

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Video Companies

Perhaps you need an online video or a video for your company. Videos offer a fantastic opportunity to communicate your brand and services, without users having to work for the information. Enquire today for a free quote on your company video.

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Our SEO Client Projects

burghwood landscapes
pain relief clinic
riverside dental


"I’ve just analysed the new patient source for March and you will see that website/internet has jumped by nearly 80% from 0.35 per day to 0.62 per day and it is also at its highest ever, contributing to around 100 new patients per month, so your efforts are measurably showing dividends. Well done Simon."

Alan Cramphorn | Managing Director | Nicky Snazell Pain Relief Clinic

"The new site must rank as well as the old website you built me, that's all I ask guys, my business relies on the steady enquiries you generate for me - I have faith, thanks for all you do for Highline, JK"

John Knowles | Former Owner | Highline Adventure

"This is the busiest I have ever been during the summer which is brilliant but I am selling as much as I do normally during the winter, which is my main Market, around 1000 tonnes of potatoes per week - it's amazing"

Ray Wilson | Owner |

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