How to get local traffic to your website

Firstly what is local traffic and how to get local traffic to your website?

Local traffic is the searches from your businesses proscribed service area, this local SEO is highly valuable as it is more likely to convert in to buying customers. Local traffic is normally people who search for your product of service and then qualify that search with a location. An example of this type of local qualification is 'Grab Lorry Hire Norwich' the search term is followed by the location.

One of the best ways to get local traffic is to target google my business, along with local directory websites as these often include keywords in the URL an example of this might be This is a perfect example of how to use a localised URL to help google understand your websites value and appropriateness to a product or service.

Local traffic can be sent from sources like:

  • Website directories
  • Google My business
  • Social Media
  • Local blogs