What does voice search SEO mean to online companies?

First things first what is voice search SEO?

Voice search SEO is optimising your website to align with the natural spoken search language. In the past webmasters and SEOs have targeted a host of important keywords that were following the search style developed by people using google, bing and other search engines over the years, this very prescriptive style was determined by people getting the best out of the search engines, it was about them carefully using the most relevant keywords for their search or what they deemed would return the very best results and relevant products or services for them.

This type of search pattern was more like 'service' - 'area' like SEO Norwich! But as the new method of search emerges, the spoken language is changing the way that we engage search engines.



Siri, Alexa & Google Voice Search all provide varying results

The natural method of typing very specific terms has developed into longer sentences like Siri, search, SEO companies in Norwich, the UK rather than SEO Norwich.

What does this change in voice search mean to Search?

It means that SEO's now need to consider the web page content and start to implement this natural style of discussion and questions and answer type content to provide the voice search user with the correct information on their search. Most voice searches will return services like, ''recommended boiler plumbers Norfolk". In the past, this might have simply been " plumbers Norfolk" but voice search allows the user to qualify the search in much more natural ways and the AI and algorithm has identified this and adapts to the methods being used.


How can you prepare your website for voice search?

Simply put, provide the most relevant answer to the questions you cover, keep your content fresh, cite real people and authorities in the field. Ensure that you take an authoritative position in your industry and aspire to keep improving your business and online website.

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