How we tripled traffic for Pain Relief Clinic

How we tripled website traffic for a client with a 228% increase in visitor numbers

Our friends and clients at Stafford Pain Relief Clinic have worked with us for about 18 months. Alan & Nicky tasked us with increasing their traffic, below is a google analytics snapshot of the results 8th Oct - 9th Nov 2019 compared to Oct 8th - 9th Nov 2020.


Here we see a 228% increase in organic traffic taking their visitor numbers to 2033 per month.  (228.43% = 1,698 vs 517)



What did we do to triple organic traffic?

It was a combination of factors, which included the following tasks;

  1. Site speed.
  2. Restructuring content.
  3. Optimising images and weight.
  4. Improving the hosting environment with their hosts.
  5. Optimised Google My Business.
  6. Improved clarity around keywords in the key pages.
  7. Geotargeted using towns near to Stafford in the catchment area.

This 228% increase in organic traffic tripled visitor numbers for the same period in 2019.


Site speed - We improved load speeds and removed a video, which while this might seem counter-intuitive, improved load speed has a significant impact on the site rankings.

Restructuring content - While there is still a lot to do on this project, we made the decision journey easier for the user by letting them choose their issue or pain. Getting them to the right page in one click. Also adding a range of rich keywords to the home page.

Optimising images and weight - assisted load speeds, we reduced the over-complication on images to the home page and reduced these down to a minimum. It was also important to include the 5-star rating.

Working with the host, we improved the space and memory allowed on the site to help smooth the functionality, it also gives the site a much snappier TTFB (Time to first byte, a mobile metric, we will cover in another article).

Optimised Google My Business - Getting them listed and the adding some content to the pages including areas serviced, really lifted the relevancy to the local towns and villages, meaning that the searches became more localised and better for the user and the company.

Improved clarity around keywords in the key pages - Cannabolisation was occurring on some content and also confusion as some pages were trying too hard to achieve certain terms and a mix of terms with it. By streamlining the approach, this allowed the important local SEO terms like Back pain Stafford, or back pain Rugeley to move through into position one on organic and place pages.

Geotargeted using towns near to Stafford - To support the place page improvements we also added some other location keywords onto the pages to help with ranking in the peripheral towns and villages, people fly in from all over the world to see Nicky Snazell, but move convertible traffic comes from the local areas.


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