0-60% Performance increase for Stratton Motors

How we increased visibility by 44%, enquiries and traffic by 21%

In May 2021 Stratton Motor Company came to us by referral and we helped them with their online marketing strategy. For some time the old site had been in decline, dropping in performance and then in typical WordPress style, the theme they were using stopped being compatible with the latest version of WordPress and more than this, the cars stopped loading for users!!


Here we can see that there is a 44% increase in visibility which started at just 6% in May.



What did we do to redefine the organic traffic?

Initially, the site was not working so we copied this to a server and made updates there, these allowed us to correct the theme issues and rebuild this using a theme builder, which allowed us to improve while matching the approved brand look and feel.

  1. Fixed the theme.
  2. Rebuilt the car plugin
  3. Improved website speed.
  4. Improved internal linking.
  5. Optimising images and weight.
  6. Used caching.
  7. Targeted the main landing pages.
  8. Created a database of targeted KWs.
  9. Realigned the blog.
  10. Provided some how-to videos for the team
  11. Provided some training around loading car images and alt.



Fixing the theme - With UX not working and near impossible editing for any website content, fixing or replacing the theme was the only way to establish a sound SEO foundation.

Using a WP developer - We used a local WP developer to complete the plugin update for the site, SEO Norwich found the plugin and tested it, our partner edited the code to ensure that it included some of the features required by Stratton Motor Company.

Improved loading speeds - SEO Norwich reduced the over-complication on images to the home page and reduced these down to a minimum.

Improved internal linking, we improved the space and memory allowed on the site to help smooth the functionality, it also gives the site a much snappier TTFB (Time to first byte, which we will cover in another article).

Optimised image weight - It was important in improving load speeds for mobile vis and for rankings.

Using image caching - Image caching helped support load speed and mobile experience.

Created a database of keywords - We isolated the most commercial intent-driven keywords like Car Storage Norfolk, Lotus Restoration and Wheel Alignment Norwich

Realigned the blog - The blog was delivering company news but little benefit to user queries. We helped the Marketing team to understand the benefits of the updates and nurtured their buy-in for this user-focused approach.


The result is better quality traffic and more enquiries month on month. 

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