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Local SEO Tips for Norwich Businesses

By Simon Griffith | 9th February 2023

What is Local SEO? Local SEO is the optimisation of your website for the local market, this is particularly important if you are a business that services a local area. Examples of this are Dentists, Solicitors, Lettings Agents, Builders and Landscape businesses.   Why is local SEO important to Norwich Businesses? Traffic that is derived…


How to get a blog post for Norwich Signs to rank

By Simon Griffith | 19th January 2023

The Challenge to rank Norwich Signs for Marketing Norwich We received a call from a local sign company that was interested in ranking their website, and we provided a quote. So now, we are now providing some hard evidence to show how we can help their business to outperform the competition.    What we did…


What is voice SEO, and why it’s a mistake to ignore it

By Simon Griffith | 24th April 2022

What is voice SEO? Voice SEO is optimising your website for voice search. As a business, you are thinking about the natural language that your audience is using and including it in your SEO strategy.   This is important because the next generation of customers for your business uses mobile-first browsing and learned behaviours to…


0-60% Performance increase for Stratton Motors

By Simon Griffith | 30th November 2021

How we increased visibility by 44%, enquiries and traffic by 21% In May 2021 Stratton Motor Company came to us by referral and we helped them with their online marketing strategy. For some time the old site had been in decline, dropping in performance and then in typical WordPress style, the theme they were using…


Understanding SEO Search Intent

By Simon Griffith | 17th September 2021

As a freelance SEO, you tend to work with and nurture a handful of small but important long-term relationships, and with this, you are continually guiding the conversation with your client and delivering results. Terms that may have been used in 2014, can still be fundamental, but the intentions of that search can change. I…


Seven essential tips to writing a great blog post

By Simon Griffith | 17th March 2021

In this article we discuss seven recommended tips for writing a superb blog post In this blog post, you will: Get tips on blog posts and how to write them Be given some pointers on preparing your approach Get directions on some fantastic resources See how you can benefit your audience and website. Read time…


How we tripled traffic for Pain Relief Clinic

By Simon Griffith | 9th November 2020

How we tripled website traffic for a client with a 228% increase in visitor numbers Our friends and clients at Stafford Pain Relief Clinic have worked with us for about 18 months. Alan & Nicky tasked us with increasing their traffic, below is a google analytics snapshot of the results 8th Oct – 9th Nov…

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Five things to help optimise your website visitor conversion

By Simon Griffith | 8th November 2020

Improve your website visitor conversion What good is website traffic if your website provides poor conversion? In this article, we discuss five things to remember when optimising your website or web page for visitor conversion.  One: Page speed Page speed? Yes, if your website is slow, you can halve the chance of someone actually viewing…

Seasonal SEO Online turkey sales at Christmas

What is Seasonal SEO and why is Christmas so important

By Simon Griffith | 3rd November 2020

On this page, we look at what seasonal SEO is and how some companies rely on the uptake of purchases for a small period of time during the Christmas period.   What is Seasonal SEO? Seasonal SEO is a very focused search engine optimisation and increased efforts to ensure that a business gains improved visibility around specific periods…

Why local traffic is important to Bryan Turner bespoke kitchens Cambridge

By Simon Griffith | 17th December 2019

As we move more and more into the voice search era, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that your getting all the local traffic you can. Why? Well because local traffic is more likely to buy from you than national or global search.   Bryan Turner Bespoke Kitchens explains In a recent conversation with Bryan…