Why Does My Website Need SEO

This is a question asked by so many new businesses or indeed established ones that have traded without issue for many years. So why does my website need SEO? 

  • In this article, we discuss in brief seven reasons why your website needs SEO
  • We provide an example of how SEO has helped businesses like yours

If you consider that Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a content strategy for the search engines but it is also customer strategy, it encourages better performing websites that help the end-user, it provides

One: better visibility

Ultimately SEO Norwich will provide you with better visibility, whether you are indeed Norwich based, UK or even overseas. Better visibility means more traffic and prospects, therefore it also means more leads or sales.

Two: Speed improvements for mobile users

When you consider mobile use is now more than half, almost 60% of all your traffic will be from mobile or tablet users - Subject to your industry. Speed is there for paramount to mobile users as their wait time is linked to their conversion. Fast sites are easier to navigate and result in longer visits, more pages and more conversion.

Three: Optimised GUI

Your website needs to look professional, but it also needs optimised Graphical User Interface to provide calls to action or inferences to encourage an interaction normally an enquiry or purchase.

Four: Internal Linking

Perhaps one of the most overlooked SEO tools is internal linking. It quickly helps the SERPs to identify where the value in your website is found. These internal links help Google to see what you have identified as important by providing the page with the most links

Five: Image optimisation

Along with page load speed, fast-acting highly optimised images mean that a website does not get peanalised for slow load and again it helps to have someone

Seven: Offpage SEO

Off-page SEO is inbound links from like-minded websites, who like to recognise your efforts and appreciate an example that they can share.

Six: Regular updates

Never underestimate the power of fresh content to the mix! Regular updates signal to Google that your content is relevant, that it is current and that it shares an up-to-date view on a subject, sometimes this one factor can have very rewarding results.

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